Yule: Winter Solstice

Yule is the Winter solstice which usually occurs around the 21st December**, although this date can vary slightly. Indeed it is the beginning of the Wiccan year. Furthermore, this is a time when Wiccans say that God is reborn. The Sun’s infancy sees the return of light and heat but ever so slowly. Therefore, this period is usually the quiet period on the Wheel of the Year.

** This is obviously for the northern hemisphere. So, for the southern hemisphere go forward 6 months.

The Yule season allows Wiccans to practice indoors at their altars with candles. They will also have various offerings or gifts for the Goddess and God. Obviously, decorating the altar with appropriate items is a joyous occasion. Evergreen decorations are a favourite, but so are items such as brightly coloured stones, acorns and dry leaves etc.

Although, for some, depending upon their situation, it is very difficult to burn a sacred Yule log in an open fire. This is still desirable though. However, lighting up the room with coloured candles is just as satisfying. Those who burn a Yule log should keep a small piece of the log while it is burning. Then next year, relight the hearth fire with that. This ensures the continuity of fire.

Yule Log Fire In The Hearth - Pagan Ritual

Burning the Yule Log

Celebrating Yule

Celebrating like this is a practice many Christians do as a matter of course. So, you may already be familiar and comfortable with this arrangement. Indeed, this sort of thing pre-dates the Christian celebrations. In fact, early Christians adopted many of the Pagan traditions as the conversion from Paganism to Christianity took place. This is possibly because they wanted to make the conversion more palatable.

Now that the new year is here, it is a time to think forward and plan ahead. We are now about to celebrate the new life which will come soon. Yule time or Midwinter season can be part of the fertility season too. So don’t forget to snuggle up!

Although Yule time is a rather quiet period in the Wheel of the Year, Wiccans never stop planning for the seasons ahead. Witches also update their Book of Shadows too while they examine their own thoughts. Obviously, from now on, after weeks being dormant, things will start to get busier.


Yuletide brings people together and gatherings are normal. Just like the Christmas meal brings people together, so does Yuletide. We also know that many religious traditions absorbed customs from different religions. However, most seem to use this period for gatherings. Therefore, use the period to mingle at gatherings to feast and exchange gifts.
Yuletide - exchanging positive energy - gatherings and gifts

Merry Yuletide to you all.

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