Welcome to the Pagan Club, a free-to-join online community for Pagans or those who are a little curious. Here we set out aims and objectives together with some guidelines. Obviously we are a broad church and embrace the whole religion of Paganism.


Just like Christianity and most other religion, Paganism is diverse and encapsulates the whole spectrum of our faith. Indeed, within Paganism we have Wiccans, Druids, Shamans, Odinists and Heathens.

However, there are many other types of paganism. Therefore, our aim is to allow each and everyone to share the Pagan platform under one umbrella. This applies to those who believe in one God or Goddess (monotheism) or those who believe in multiple Gods or Goddesses (polytheism).

Heathen woman Shaman in thought and meditating

Of course, we allow social interaction here free of charge. As long as you are here to share your beliefs as well as respect others, then you are welcome to join in. Indeed, it is our aim to provide a safe online community with which to mingle.

Obviously, the Pagan Club allow members and visitors alike to contribute. In fact, the staff have very little involvement. This is because we are remaining unbiased, ensuring that we get a balanced view from the others instead. With this in mind, you can submit a post here and join the Pagan Forum here.


Since our online community is all about respect for each other, then this is what we expect. Therefore, please observe the following guidelines:

01) All Pagans are can join our community including the blogs and our Pagan Forum, but we also welcome those who want to learn more.
02) You must have respect and tolerance for those who are not part of your group, of course.
03) Since we will continue to strive to provide a safe platform, we can’t allow links to ‘extreme’ content of any nature. Obviously, we are in tune with nature and so don’t need such content. Likewise, should you post non-religious articles, please don’t allow posts to be too ‘heavy’.
04) Although we provide a safe platform to communicate with, if you post anything, it must be lawful
05) Obviously, you need to acknowledge our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before you post anything here. But if you don’t this is fine as long as you remain legal and act with common sense.


So, now that you understand our aims and guidelines, please feel free to join if you are interested. No matter what your religious background is, you will find that the Pagan Club network is right for you. Also, for those outside the Pagan community, come and learn with us, you’ll be glad you did!

Welcome to the Pagan Club - Wicca, Witchcraft, Druid and Spirituality etc

Indeed, everyone is welcome at the Pagan Club

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