The Pagan Club provides an online platform for pagans around the world. Indeed, our aim is very simple and that is to provide pagan education. Our website is also a primary source of information for those seeking to find a new path in life. Furthermore, we aim to allow pagans to link up online and relax in a safe environment. So, this ‘About Us’ page is our introduction.

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About Us

Firstly, the Pagan Club Network website team of four got together after becoming disorientated with modern-day living and having discovered Paganism together. This was back in 2003 or thereabouts when the rat-race dominated our lives and we knew there had to be something better. At roughly the same time, we all had some very bad news as well which then gave us the impetus to seek solace elsewhere. Once we discovered Paganism, we just knew we found our destiny.

When people who are in a similar situation to our early plight find this ‘about us’ page, hopefully they will realise that there are different paths in life. Since we provide networking facilities and link-ups between Pagans, we are one of the best online social groups. Indeed, we walk the path together now.

Our Pagan beliefs and traditions are a way of life now, of course. However, we are all learning more and more as time passes. With this in mind, our decision to have an online presence was an easy one to make. Indeed, we operated a few domain names before we settled on this one we have now.

Your Input

Our team does not provide too much input because we want to remain as neutral as possible. Obviously, we want the input to come from members and visitors. Therefore, if you want your Pagan religion to have a feature on the Pagan Club, submit your blog posts here. Likewise, click the same link if you just want to tell us about your spiritual path. We have made it easy, but you need to become a member to make posts.

Visitors can also have their say without joining by making a comment on the posts. But to truly promote your Pagan religion, you need to register. This is in order to keep idiots and spammers form posting silly things. So, join up and have your say.

Pagan Forum

While the Pagan Club mother site (here) is a good place to post in-depth articles, we also have a Pagan Forum. Of course, you may make in-depth posts there too if you like. We decided to include the message boards because some people prefer this type of platform.

So, now you have the best of both worlds – the Blogs or the Forums. Like all things in our Pagan religion, the choice is yours.

To Sum Up

What we have discovered on our spiritual journey so far is that decisions have to be made. Obviously we simply can’t make those important decisions without appropriate information and suitable education. Together with the pooling of resources and sharing experiences, the Pagan Club can help provide such information.

However, there are different branches of paganism, so everyone is welcome to join. Whatever earth-based spirituality you are or earthly religions you believe in, we are all in it together.

We have the public platforms to promote your Pagan religion or even learn about Paganism. Therefore, it’s all about you now. We don’t sell anything and the staff don’t add too much input. We firmly believe that Paganism should not become a commercial venture for anyone. So, join in with us today, it’s all free!

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