Positive And Negative Energies

Here, I explore both positive and negative energies which are important in the lives of Pagans. So, at the end, I hope you will have a better understanding of both. Then you can eliminate the bad energy and use the good energy to help shape and enrich your life.

Negative Energy

The key point is that there are negative energies which you must eliminate from your life. So, avoiding or ignoring those who wish to introduce negative energies is important. Being a Wiccan, or more so a Witch, is NOT evil as some people say. Those people have misinformation, possibly brought about by their own prejudice or the irresponsible media.

Some people take their influence from their religious books too. But some of their scripts say Witches should suffer, including death and that’s not nice is it?

Some films and documentaries also have a negative attitude towards our age-old traditions and religion. Always challenge their opinions because that’s all they can be – opinions. Since nature and the Universe is where we came from and where we belong, we have that Divine connection and they should understand this. If they don’t, then perhaps we should feel sorry for them. To repeat, ignore the negative energy and always look to positive energy.

While we are on our journey, our chosen path, we need to seek out the positives. We have our Goddess and God to help us and that’s all we need. So, call upon them or your chosen Deity at any time and ask them to assist in clearing out the negative energy.

Positive and negative energies - Wicca & Witchcraft
Firstly, sweep away the negative energy using a broom if you need to and ask the Deity to assist you. Then cast a circle or sphere around you. Once you are in your protective space, you may seek help from the Deity to banish the negative energies from your life.

Positive Energy

While you walk along our chosen path, you are constantly finding out how to seek positive energy. You do this subconsciously   to assist and guide you. This is what the Goddess and God wants you to do all the time because they provide eternal life for you to enjoy. So seeking positive ways of living is a must.

Positive and negative energy from crystals - Pagan Club
In short, you can gain positive energy in many ways. For example, you can seek inspiration from nature that is all around us. You can also ask the Deities, Goddess, God or any Spirit to assist you. In this case, you can sweep out the negative energy and by casting a circle, can absorb a lot more energy.

Whatever way you choose to seek positive energy comes down to personal choice and experience. Indeed, on your chosen path, only you know what is right and proper for you.

Many Wiccans use the inspirational power from crystals of course. Therefore, it might be wise and have a collection of these magical stones, but cleanse them when you get yours. Then you can store the positive energy in them, it works for me!

Positive And Negative Energies

Without doubt, you will experience both positive and negative energies together many times. Although you want to rid yourself of the negative energy, it is not always achievable. In fact, its not always necessary!

Given that we like to see balance in nature and the Universe, living with negative energy is normal. However, there are times when you want a positive boost. Charging with positive energy can help in many ways. For example, we may need a boost to improve our relationships, seeking a job or just a pick-me-up. In this case, we can sweep out the bad energy and top up with good energy.

So, even when things are not going right, you know that you always have the ability to pep yourself up. Living with a combination of positive and negative energies is normal of course. Therefore, it is not normal for Wiccans or Witches to seek a higher state all of the time. In other words, you don’t have to spend all your life at this. But, you always know that when you need a boost, it is something easily achieved.


Having eternal life is an honour and while we thank the Deity for this, we need a degree of independence. Therefore we must learn how to balance things in our lives. In reality, our natural state is one of contentment. As we see above, we can reach for a boost whenever we want. We can do this for many reasons, including magic and casting spells.

Most of us are happy with the positive and negative balance of course. However, there are some Wiccans, in particular those new to the religion and Witchcraft, who are not. Some seek a permanent ‘high state’ to the point of obsession which is an imbalance. In some cases, some may cast negative spells.

Whether they are ignorant of the Threefold Law or the Wiccan Rede, the imbalance can be costly to them. However, some believe it is a necessary evil. With this in mind, how you walk your path is your own personal choice.

At the end of the day, contentment should be the aim, of course. Indeed, inspiration can come in all forms. For example, you may feel down and then see lambs jumping around in a field which might perk you up. You may also see birds in the garden enjoying a feast or gathering nesting material which gives the same effect.

Whichever way you approach the Wicca religion or Witchcraft, it is up to you to seek contentment. But, with the Goddess and God to fall back on, you have everything you need to enjoy a Wiccan life.

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