Paganism And Christianity

Many people ask me if they can be both Pagan and Christian. So, I will try and explore the discord between Paganism And Christianity. The question is a little complex, therefore I am only going to explore the very basics.

Through the Pagan Club I do explore this in my way and I thank them for allowing me to do so. However, I am still getting emails asking if I am against Christianity. Obviously I am not. But, that doesn’t stop those who still send me passages from their Bible in a veiled, aggressive way.

Paganism And Christianity - Wicca and Witchcraft - Heathens - Druids - Stonehenge

Paganism existed thousands of years before Christianity

Paganism And Christianity

I know quite a few Pagans and some say they don’t mind anyone having a dual faith. However, in my opinion there is a massive gulf between Paganism And Christianity. That gulf could be a lot narrower if there were no negative messages in their Bible about our religion. In fact, without those scriptures, both religions could easily live side by side.

If we go back to a time of our ancestors, Pagans were here long before Christianity came about. Our ancestors obviously had their own religion and traditions thousands of years previously.

Christianity originated from the Roman province of Judaea which was a Jewish community. Although in the early days, there was much persecution of Christians, this was nothing compared to the persecution of Pagans. Legalisation of Christianity came about in 313, that’s correct, it was a political decision to legalise Christianity.

In contrast, by 392, paganism, which our ancestors took part in for thousands of years, became illegal. From this moment onwards, we see the persecution of Pagans on a massive scale. In fact, they used the word Pagan to describe all those outside the new Christian faith – a derogatory term!

There is no need to describe the horrors of that persecution. However, if you need to study it, prepare yourself for a horror story!


In order to convert Pagans to Christianity, Christians began to absorb many Pagan traditions. This obviously allowed Pagans to accept the new religion after it became more palatable. Because of this, many Pagan and Christian festivals fall around the same time. For example, from the Wheel of the Year, Christmas (Yule) and Easter (Ostara). In fact Easter comes from the the name of the Pagan Goddess, Ostara.

But the conversion wasn’t an easy ride, especially for those who did not accept Christianity. However, Pagans were not a pushover by any means. Indeed, there was much resistance to the forced conversion. Moreover, had the conversion been a total success, Pagans would not have survived. But, the fact that you are reading this means our religion carries on!


Pagans, Wicca and Witchcraft are all under the same umbrella, of course. So, the forced conversion to Christianity applied to all earth-based religions. However, terrible persecutions right through to the 17th century and beyond. There were Witch hunts that are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of women.

Although Witchcraft is not a female only religion, women suffered most. Once they accused a woman of being a Witch, her life was basically over.


Paganism And Christianity obviously have a shadowy past as they brushed together. People will point fingers as to who is to blame for the discord, of course. After all, it’s easy to blame others. However, Pagans believe in the balance of nature and we are now seeing a correction of past atrocities. Indeed, this will continue until the balance is restored.

Obviously, Paganism And Christianity can continue to live side by side in the modern world. This is because Paganism is a peaceful, tolerant religion. However, prejudice still exists. And, while some people quote scripture passages that call for the death of Pagans, there is still a way to go yet. But the balance will adjust itself over time, the Goddess and God will see to that.

Paganism And Christianity - Goddess and God ensuring balance in the Universe

Everything balances out in the Universe

The forces of nature and the Universe all come from the Goddess and God. Since the Universe is eternal, the relatively recent persecution is merely a small moment in time. The correction to the imbalance is happening right now. So, now is the time discover the lost ways of our ancestors. Indeed, now is the time to become a Wiccan or Witch. Together with the Deities, we can help push back the poison and prejudices and live properly once again.

In Summary

There are a few Christians who hate Paganism and vice versa. Generally speaking, these sort of people are few and far between. Paganism has many religions under the same umbrella and is multi-faith tolerant. Indeed there is no room for hatred in Paganism. The same applies to Christianity, therefore, you should avoid those who shout hatred against others. Paganism And Christianity can co-exist, so let’s stop the prejudice for once and for all.

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