New Spells

This post is a shout out for some new spells to add to those we already have online. So, if you know of any or wouldn’t mind sharing yours, please contact us.

New Spells for the Witchcraft Spell Directory and Book of Shadows

Share your old or new spell(s) with the world at the Pagan Club

New Spells

Your spell(s) could be about absolutely anything of course. For example, you could send in spells for love, to mend friendships or healing etc. Obviously, the list is endless. This is because you can have a spell for anything you want. Since there are no hard and fast rules on this subject, we will consider anything really. However, please tell a little detail about why you want to add your spell(s) to the Pagan Club directory.

If you don’t mind sharing your spell(s), then here is an ideal opportunity to do so. There are loads of people waiting to benefit from your individual input. Therefore, by sharing your spell(s), you are helping others who are finding it difficult with this subject. In fact, you may even help someone to discover our one true religion of Paganism!

Spells Directory

We are building up a complete directory of individual spells, so why not help us to do this. The Pagan Club will always be available to help promote Paganism in all its forms. Indeed, we are promoting Paganism in many ways. In short, our Pagan Club Spells Directory is accessible to all.

By allowing others to see what spells we perform as part of our rituals, we are opening our beautiful religion to them. So, if you wish to add any new spell(s) to our directory, contact us or use the online form here.

Obviously, our online Spells Directory is the Pagan Club’s Book of Shadows. This is a valuable tool for many Wiccans and especially those who practice The Craft.

Your Own Work

While there are many other spells floating about, we would be grateful if you submit your own work. For instance, if you have some or your own spell(s) in your Book of Shadows, tell the world here. You may send in your work anonymously if you so wish. However, if you want your name at the bottom of the spells, we can do that for you no problem.

Since copy and pasting is not really the done thing, please ensure that your spells are your own work. In other words, we don’t really want magick spells from other websites word for word. Of course, you can always adjust where necessary. For instance, if you find a spell elsewhere and you change the wording to suit your circumstances, this is fine.

Pagan Club Forum

Just to point out that if you don’t wish to have your spells here at the Pagan Club Main Website, you can use our extensive Pagan Forum. Obviously, the Pagan Forum is for everything about paganism. Therefore, you can have more personal social interaction there. But, the main blogs here can promote your Magick spells far better. In fact, your personal magick spell(s) can have their own unique page. Of course, the choice is yours – blog posts or forum posts.

By interacting with us here at the Pagan Club or the Pagan Forum, together we can make a difference. Indeed, we already have made a difference and will continue to do so.

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