Mabon: Autumn Equinox

Mabon signifies the Autumn equinox is here and usually falls on the 22nd of September** in the northern hemisphere. Being an equinox means that there is an equal amount of daylight together with an equal amount of darkness. In other words, we see a balance in nature yet again. This is a magical time provided by the Goddess and God which gives us another aspect of their power. However, we go through a beautiful spiritual awakening process.

Mabon or the Autumn Equinox is obviously one of the ‘quarter days’. This is directly opposite Ostara or the Spring Equinox on the Wheel of the Year.

Harvesting continues while the power of the Sun God begins to fade. The Goddess is now surrendering the remaining harvest to those that need it. So, use Mabon to take a day off from whatever you are doing. This applies to everyone from agricultural workers to city dwellers alike. After all, everyone is part of the cycle of life and we should all honour the deities regardless.

** This is obviously for the northern hemisphere. So, for the southern hemisphere go forward 6 months.

Mabon: The Autumn Equinox

Daytime gives us the heat from the dying embers of the Sun while the night air becomes cooler and crisper. The Goddess begins to rest after nurturing the Universe, we must also prepare to rest. This is because we are fast heading towards Yule time which is cold and less activity occurs.

Mabon: Autumn Equinox - harvesting continues - time to recharge your energy - Pagan Club


You could decorate your altar with the Autumn harvest but this is down to what inspires you most at Mabon. There are many things to use such as acorns or fallen leaves. Whichever way you decorate your altar ensure you light some coloured candles and make an offering too. After all, this is a time for sharing the harvest or the thanksgiving time of year.

We have lived in harmony with nature through Spring, Summer and Autumn. It has been a long and fruitful time so we need to thank the Goddess and God for everything. You can also ask for help clearing your conscience and mind of negative thoughts. Together with a little meditation, you are preparing yourself for the final period on the Wheel of the Year. A dormant time which sees the Sun God die in preparation for the rebirth.

Therefore, you should use Mabon as a time of preparation so we are in tune with the Deities and the Universe. Don’t forget to tend your Book of Shadows as well because it may need adjusting because of new inspirations. Remembering all the time that your chosen spiritual path is your own personal journey and you are free to do as you wish. Therefore, whatever suits your needs, do it. After all, the Wiccan Rede says ‘If You Harm None, Do What You Will’.

Removing Negative Energy

One of the main things we do in our preparations is clear our ritual tools of negative energy. Then we need to recharge them so they are ready for usage over the dormant periods. Whatever ritual tools you use, any of them could have some built up negative energy. For example, your wand, crystals, chalice, jewellery or cauldron may contain some negative energy.

Soaking in sea salt overnight is an excellent way of eliminating negative energy. The Sun can eliminate negative energy too so take advantage of what our God can give.


Once you have eliminated the negative energy, you need to recharge them for the months ahead. Indeed, by doing this you can retain positive energy throughout the Winter season.

While the Sun can get rid of negative energy, He can also recharge your tools, so can the Moon Goddess. Therefore, seek help from the Goddess too. Cast your spells and then store your tools for future use. This will ensure that your positive energy and intentions are retained. For specific ritual tools such as your wand or altar tools you need to consecrate them. While charging, ask the deity to help with the process. But cast a circle and clear it of negative energy first before charging within it.

Finally, think of Mabon as a positive season even though we know things are dying. Wiccans should always stay positive during this time because we know that rebirth will come again.

Mabon: Autumn Equinox - dying Sun - recharging with positive energy

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