Litha: Midsummer

The Wiccan Sabbat of Litha or Midsummer usually occurs around the 21st June** in the northern hemisphere. Indeed, now the Sun is furthest north and brings with it plenty of energy giving power. Obviously God is truly shining down upon us now. He is demonstration his magic and masculinity while being in tune with the Goddess. Therefore we need to celebrate this and Wiccans do that gracefully. This is the Summer solstice of course, and it’s a time of great Wiccan celebration rituals.

Litha: Midsummer celebrations - Pagan Club

Celebrating Midsummer in Romania

The energy that God pours down to Earth which the Goddess gathers to feed nature will continue for a while to come. The Goddess will then provide us with all we need in abundance with which to feast on. The harvest will soon be with us, of course. But for now, we can soak up the energy and power ourselves and prepare for the weeks ahead.

** This date is obviously for the northern hemisphere. So, for the southern hemisphere go forward 6 months.

Litha or Midsummer

In effect, on the Wheel of the Year, the Litha or Midsummer is exactly the opposite of Yule time. Whereas the Yule season gave us death and allowed us to gather our thoughts, Litha gives us maturity and time to fulfil life. We can balance our thought within nature itself while we bless the Goddess and God for all they provide.

In the Beltane season, we used fire to honour the Sun God. So, in a like manner, we do the same again. However, we can heighten things to have an equal balance with the universal powers. By dousing all other fires and candle flames, greater energy goes into one big fire. This then feeds the Sun God.

As a matter of fact, we can now take to new heights all our activities. Heightened rituals, especially outdoors, can include feasting, magic and self-purification. But don’t forget your sweetheart in all of this. Indeed, let the fires of passion burn!

Your Altar

You can spend so much more time outdoors at Litha or Midsummer time. Therefore, you can prepare an altar anywhere. But whatever altar you use, there is an abundance of material to take advantage of. However, don’t forget that fire plays a big part in your honour to the Goddess or God. So, use some altar candles, especially indoors.

Some old customs and traditions involve rolling ‘fire wheels’ into springs to cleanse them of evil. This is difficult nowadays but there is no harm putting out a fire with water to simulate this. But, everything you do must harm none and this involves the animals too.

Whichever way you celebrate Litha or Midsummer, always remember that there is no Wiccan guide or Bible. If you feel that something is appropriate, do it. However, don’t go against the Wiccan Rede – ‘Do what you will, so long as it harms none’.

Summer Solstice

Finally, the Summer solstice is a special time. Litha or Midsummer is also one of the main ‘quarter days’ on the Wheel of the Year. So, as a Wiccan or Witch, you should enjoy everything it has to offer.

In many parts of the world, Midsummer bonfires are popular, so get to one of these if you can. After all, we are honouring the full maturity of the Sun God.

Litha - Midsummer bonfire - celebrating the maturity of the Sun God
Therefore, let your hair down and join in because this is the height of Summer.

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