Firstly, Lammas is the 6th season on the Wheel of the Year. It is one of the ‘cross quarter days’ but most Wiccans and Witches still acknowledge this period. Lammas usually occurs on the 1st of August** in the northern hemisphere. This Sabbat is midway between the Summer solstice (Litha) and the Autumn equinox (Mabon).

Indeed, by now we can see how the energy from the Sun is waning even though it remains hot. With this in mind, the fruits are ripening and the crops are ready for harvesting. Therefore, this period becomes one of the the harvest festivals.

** This date is obviously for the northern hemisphere only. So, for the southern hemisphere, just go forward 6 months to correct it.


Since it’s around 6 weeks on from Litha or Midsummer, nature has took most of what God had on offer. This being the power and the energy from the Sun God, of course. The Goddess nurtured with care and so it is time to gather the fruits of their love.

Lammas - Harvest Festival - Summer Fruits

Harvesting the Summer fruits

Of course the wheat is ready for harvesting and we can now celebrate with the first bread of the year. Therefore, Lammas allows us to thank the Goddess and God for all that they give us. The harvest festival is a time of feast and offering. In other words, a time of plenty.

Children in particular love this time of year. In fact, children feel an enormous amount of connection with nature at Lammas. The warmth and light together with their curiosity allows them to interact with nature more than any other time. They also get the chance to taste the harvest which reinforces the connection.

Since this is a time for reaping, we also reap the rewards of our own individual magic, spells and good deeds. During the Ostara period, we planted seeds in our gardens and adjusted our Book of Shadows. Obviously, the aim was to see all those things come to fruition too.


To celebrate Lammas we obviously feast on the harvest while making offerings using these natural materials. Our journey through the seasons should be fulfilling as well as fruitful. So, we thank the Goddess and God for all they gave and that which will see us through the Winter.

The altar will have decorations from the harvest but also use coloured candles. This serves as a mark of respect to the Sun God whose energy and power is about to fade. Offer bread to thank the Goddess for spending her energy nurturing all things. However, feasting with the deities can involve anything from the harvest. Involve the children with cookery and make food to look like animals or plants.

Adjust your Book of Shadows and update what is necessary. Then use spellwork to good effect. For example, reinforce your connections with others around you, especially your family. You should feel an enormous amount of well-being by now, and rightly so.

Lammas loaf owl - Pagan Club

Lammas Loaf Owl

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