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While I write my articles, readers will commonly see me refer to just the Goddess and God. In Wiccan terms, of course, this is the simplest form. But there are many Goddesses and Gods or Deities in our earth-based religion. So much so, that many Pagans, solitary Witches and covens have their own favourite.

Also, many individual Wiccans and covens may keep their Deity secret. Moreover, many simply refer to ‘The One’. In other words, they may just refer to the Goddess or God. Hence, with me not not wishing to give favour or my preference, I have kept things simple.

Also, I usually refer to the Goddess first and God second. Again, I am not favouring one over the other. In fact I can’t do this because Wiccan worship involves a balance of the Universe. However, by saying the Goddess first, I am drawing attention to something unique. That is to say, that we have equal emphasis of both feminine and masculine in our Pagan religion. This is in contrast to almost all other religions.

The balance of the Universe could not be complete without this association. As a result, we see many more women turn to Wicca. Our Wicca religion is becoming more mainstream after centuries of persecution. But the Goddess and God association was always there. However, as I have stressed many times, Wicca or Witchcraft is NOT a feminist thing whatsoever. Feminism is a modern-day movement, and in some cases, a political thing which has no place in Wicca.

Goddess And God

Many traditional Wiccans speak only about the Goddess and God. There is nothing wrong with this whatsoever. However, there are many Deities and individual Wiccans and covens can have their own favourite. As long as we allow for balance in the Universe, Wiccans can choose whatever Goddesses and Gods they like. Since we have respect for all Deities, as well as other Wiccans, the chosen Deity matters not.

Pre-Christian Pagans celebrated this balance and the traditions managed to survive much persecution throughout the centuries.

Goddess and God - Wicca Deities
Today, there is not too much prejudice, especially with the decline in some religions. But prejudice still exists today. As a result, many prefer to keep their religion secret, especially those who follow Witchcraft.

The feminine and masculine traits can be a representation of humans, animals or even elements in nature. So, you can honour many while performing your rituals. For example, when casting a circle you can call upon Air, Fire, Water, Earth or the Spirit etc.

Wiccans rely on word of mouth or by reading the works of others to learn about Wiccan traditions. However, since you can see your own connections within nature and the Universe, your own experiences are more important. This is because only you knows what is best for you. Once you know your position within nature and the Universe, you can continue your development yourself. Indeed, the path you take, whether it is Wicca or you move on to Witchcraft, is your decision.


Wicca is not about beliefs it is all about a personal path which connects us to nature and the Universe. As most Wiccans will refer to the Goddess and God, I will not write a complete list of all the Deities. To begin with, this would not be practical and I may miss a few.

Since I don’t want to show signs of favouritism, missing the odd one that may appear to be the case. As I state on many occasions, you can look to Paganism, Wicca in general or Witchcraft and take what suits you best.

Goddess and God - the Deities - Pagan Club

There are many Pantheons and each one has many Deities. For example, there are Norse, Germanic and Celtic pantheons. Then there are Greek, Roman and Egyptian pantheons. But there are many others from all over the world, and on your chosen path, you may discover a favourite.

So, as I will not favour any, I leave it up to the individual to decide what is best for them.

After all, what is good for one is not necessarily good for others. Therefore, my recommendation is to complete a search for the individual pantheons.

You will then need to read and study the deities one by one. There are plenty of books available too, of course. But remember to take the best from your studies and not follow others without question. By doing this blindly you may take in misinformation or follow a path you don’t understand.

Simplistic Approach

Given that there are is bewildering array of choices available, the best way forward is to start with a simplistic approach to Wicca. In other words, respecting the Goddess and God approach.


The beauty about Wicca is the balance we see all around us which is clearly evident. The Goddess is the Devine feminine while the God is the Devine masculine. This balance is all around us, so it’s one of those natural things which we all accept, sometimes without realising it.

Goddess and God - Wiccan Deities

The Goddess represents the Mother and she has association with the Earth and the Moon. She represents the positive Earth energy which allows for birth and growth. But also allows for death, cleansing and then rebirth. This is a timeless interaction with God that keeps the Wheel of the Year turning.

Her association with the seas, and water in general, together with the Moon gives us a further rhythm. This is why some call this Deity by the name of the Triple Goddess – the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Many Wiccans see these as separate deities but each one is an aspect of the Goddess. However, some borrow deities from other pantheons to play one of these roles.

Most Wiccans and Witches prefer to keep the Goddess in the simple form as the Devine Mother and feminine partner of God. Indeed, this is possibly the best place to start.


While it seems the Goddess has the most important role in the balance of the Universe, God’s role is equally important. He is the Sky God and He represents the Sun. This is the masculine side of the relationship. His all-embracing heat and light gives us the positive energy for life. So, without the relationship between the Goddess and God, there would be no balance.

Goddess and God - Wicca and Witchcraft - the Sun

While the Sun God gives us the positive energy, he can also have a representation on Earth. Many Wiccans give Him the name of the ‘God of the Hunt’. His human manifestation guides us to the necessary food source in the forest. But he is also protector of the animals. Therefore, by preserving a balance once again, He ensures the cycle of life continues.

As God of the Hunt, his guiding appearance may be that of a man wearing a horned headdress. In traditional Wicca, the Horned God may be a representation of the many Deities from the pantheons. Whichever way you view God, a simplistic approach is best to begin with.

Wiccan Rede

For those just discovering our great traditions and religions of our ancestors, maybe a simplistic approach is necessary. By accepting the balance of the Goddess and God, you can continue to seek a balance throughout your chosen path.

Once you understand the balance in nature and the Universe, it becomes clear that we must maintain it. The Goddess and God continue to balance the Universe and where there is imbalance, they step in to correct matters. For example, balancing death and rebirth, providing sustenance and replenishing the stock etc. Therefore, we must try not to upset the balance which they lovingly provided.

Perhaps one way which we can comprehend this is through the Wiccan Rede. Although there are many different ‘versions’ of this, it all points to one thing. In short, a rough translation equates to ‘Do what you will, so long as it harms none’. Then, by acknowledging the Threefold Law**, you will compose yourself in a way to keep a balance.

** The Threefold Law or the Rule of Three roughly means that what you get back three times what you put in. In other words, harm someone and this negative action will come back to you three times more powerful. Think karma!

The same applies to the balance of nature. So, keeping a balance is a good thing to aim for. However, remember that the Goddess and God will not ‘punish’ you for upsetting the balance of nature. On the contrary, they will help you to keep a balance, and where you go wrong, will help to correct matters. Therefore, when we perform our rituals, think positive at all times. Above all, think twice about casting a negative spell!

In Summary

The Goddess and God are there for you, even if your Deity is different to others. They provide you with eternal life to enjoy, but when an imbalance occurs, they will correct it. Sometimes you may feel as though the imbalance or corrective measures go against you. Don’t allow this to fill you with negative energy because it will affect your life for that moment. Instead, ask for help from your Deity, Goddess, God, or a combination and seek the positive energy once again.

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