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Pagan Forum Rules

Firstly, the Pagan Forum has a few rules and guidelines which helps to keep the message boards ticking over. We are relying on you showing common sense so we don't have too many rules.

Rules (Rigid)

01) Anything you post is all your responsibility, therefore, you should ensure you stay legal at all times.
02) You should never make a member or visitor to the Pagan Club feel uneasy in any way, of course.
03) All posts should be in clear English.
04) No porn or extreme posts are permissible, also no links to them is allowed either.
05) All decisions from staff members or moderators is final.
06) Finally, by joining the Pagan Club Forum you agree to stand under the rules and keep up to date with any changes.


01) Please keep your posts legible, some people learning English may find this hard so we don't mind this once we know you are having problems.
02) Please try not to post one word replies or just smiley replies, use a few words at least.

You should also make yourselves familiar with the Pagan Club Privacy Policy here.
Then we have the Terms & Conditions of use for our whole network here.

If you have any doubt about our rules here on the Pagan Forum, get in touch with us.