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Privacy Policy

Pagan Forum Privacy Policy

Although this Pagan Forum is a separate platform for all to join in, our site-wide Privacy Policy is still in force.
The same applies to our Terms and Conditions.
However, it is not wise to reprint those policies again for various reasons.
So, in order to view them you will need to be redirected to the Pagan Club's main website here.

For those just wishing for some details in brief here's a little outline from the Pagan Club.

We will never under any circumstances share with others any details that you provide to the Pagan Club or Pagan Forum.
Obviously, when you register here at the Pagan Forum or the Pagan Club in general, you will need to provide a small amount of information. For example, your email address and a name or screen name.

Of course, we want all our members to be able to relax and feel comfortable at the Pagan Club and Pagan Forum. So, rest assured we will never give those to a third party. Obviously, if you are mischievous and the law becomes involved, there is very little we can do.

However, since we are a forum for peaceful Pagans, our members will mostly be the good sort. So, please stay within the law at all times.
Of course, you are free to post anything you like but just be aware of the laws out there as some are terrible.


In order for the Pagan Forum and Pagan Club main website to communicate with your device, we use cookies. Cookies allow the website to know what browser and language you use etc., so they do help you get a better experience while at the Pagan Club and Pagan Forum websites. However, if you want to reject them you can but this may detract from your user experience. So, for more information about our Pagan Forum and Pagan Club Privacy Policy, Term or Cookies, please go to the site information page here.