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About the Pagan Forum

The Pagan Forum is for all those who consider themselves as having a religion under the Pagan umbrella.
Paganism can include those who are Wiccan, Witches, Druids or just Heathens in general.
Spiritualists are welcome too of course as well as anyone who who identifies with Pagan or is learning.
So, if you are thinking along our lines and want to have your say at the Pagan Forum, by all means, join in.
However, the Pagan Forum does have a few rules and guidelines to help the board tick over, so please check them out here.
You should also click on the Privacy Policy in the forum too as well as the Terms of Service.


The Pagan Forum is for anyone so if you would like us to add something to the forum, let us know.
We can only add new sections to the Pagan Club Forum if people are willing to contribute to it of course.
So, if you want a new section added, tell us.
You can do as you please here as long as you follow the Wiccan Rede - do as you want - but harm none!
Stay legal as well though as the mods can work their magick to stop those who have disruptive behaviour.

Merry Meet.