Casting A Circle

In order to make your magic and spells more powerful, casting a circle is a must. This is because as you begin your rituals, you can open the door to both good and bad energy. However, as a Witch, you want as much positive energy as you can muster. So this is where casting a circle will help.

Obviously if you are a solitary Witch, you can cast a small circle in your bed room. But for a coven, you will need a much bigger circle. The idea is to allow you to have a divine connection to the energy, spirits and the Universe.

Just to point out that people in other religions can cast protective circles around them. In Wicca and Witchcraft in general, this is a normal thing to do.

Why Do Witches Cast A Circle?

Witches need to capture and expand the positive energy and eliminate the negative energy. Therefore, by casting a circle you too can do this. In the first place, think of your circle as a sphere or a protective bubble around you. Once you have a protective barrier around you, then we remove the negative energy from our circle. After clearing away the negative energy, you need to summon up more positive energy.

The bubble we create will protect us but it will also will allow us to concentrate more on our spell work or aims. Indeed, everything we do in our circle will intensify and become stronger.

Casting a Circle - Wiccans and Witches can do this - protective sphere for meditation and thanking the Goddess and God
However, it is important to keep the barrier intact at all times. This is because the negative energy will exploit your rituals should you let it back in.

How To Cast A Circle

Casting a circle is pretty easy, but like everything in the Wiccan religion, everyone is different. There is no hard and fast rule but I will give a basic outline here. However, there is no need to buy anything special. In fact, its best not to buy anything for your religion. Firstly, there is no need to make the religion or Witchcraft commercial.

Secondly, most things from nature should be free. Obviously on some occasions buying items is the only option. But if you do buy second-hand, clear any lingering negative energy first.

To begin with, you need to mark out your circle or make a boundary. This is not too important but many Witches like to do this. You can use 4 stones or crystals facing north, south, east and west. A large rope soaked in salt is ideal to make a boundary line, but it’s whatever you feel works best for you.

Then, you need to cleanse our circle. Some Witches like to start by sweeping the area with a broom first. At this point you are just staking your claim to the space you want. Clear the area with your favourite materials. Some Witches like to use salty water in a chalice. Just dip your fingers in the solution and sprinkle it around your circle. Many Witches prefer to start the process while facing east but it’s up to the individual.

You could also use incense, sage, twigs or whatever you feel safe with smouldering in your hand. The more fragrant the cleanser, the better. Again, slowly spin or walk around the boundary with your incense etc.


Once your circle is clear of negative energy, you can now ground yourself. Sit in the middle of your safe space and meditate a short while. If possible, keep your incense or other items smouldering. Shut out external forces and focus on your intentions or aims.

Now stand in the middle of your circle and continue with your meditation. At this point, many Witches can feel extra energy within them radiating out. Focus on this energy and you may experience light also radiating outwards. This is usually a white light but some experience different a coloured light.

Casting A Circle

After you feel ‘charged’ with this extra energy, you are now ready to cast a circle. You may use one of your tools for this purpose such as your wand, Athame or even a twig. You can use anything, even your pointed finger. Point your tool or finger at the ground towards the edge of your circle and work clockwise around your safe space. If you start in the east then you should end up in the east. However, to make sure you cover every bit, do this two or three times to make sure.

Now point your tool roughly at shoulder height, again work around your circle in the same way. Finally point your tool towards the sky and do the same.

While using your tool, ask the Goddess, God, your chosen deity or the spirits to help protect you. Ask them to protect and bless you while you are at work within your circle.

It is important at this stage to stay within your circle as leaving the space will open it. In this case, negative energy may get in and this can act in mischievous ways. So, ensure you have all you need with you before you start casting a circle.

If you need to exit your circle for whatever reason, you can create a doorway with your tool stating what you are doing. Then close it again once you return.

Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit

While working your way around your circle you can call on each of the elements to watch over you. You can do this on the four quarters of the circle. Should you do this, east is the air element, south is the fire element, west is the water element and north is the earth element.

Some Witches place 5 stones or crystals to mark the edge of their circle representing the pentagram. If you use this method, use the diagram on the right for guidance. As you call out to the elements, deity or spirits say what you need to say. For example, you could say “element of Air, please watch over me while I meditate”. Obviously, adjust things to suit your requirements or needs.

Casting a circle - Wicca and Witchcraft guidance,
Then again, you could ask for protection from the elements while you talk to the Goddesses or Gods. This will become a personal thing to you which you adapt over time once you become more in tune with your practices and rituals.

Closing Your Circle

Within your protective circle, you may carry out your rituals. Obviously, the bubble surrounding you will give more focus on whatever you need it for.

Once your purpose within your circle is complete, its time to close the circle. This is a reversal of casting a circle. In other words, point your tool and work anticlockwise around the circle. At this point you should thank all those that you summoned previously to help you.

To Sum Up

Wicca and Witchcraft are religions that work in tune with nature. We also have the Goddess and God or ancestors and spirits to call upon to bless us and help. We have no rule book or bible, so it’s what fits in with our rituals that count. As long as you thank those you call upon for guidance, strength or other help, do what you feel comfortable with.

Just remember that films or documentaries can attempt to warp or vilify Wicca and Witchcraft. Also, any books you read will try and lead you into their way of thinking. Our Pagan religion has been with us for thousands of years and only you know what is right for you. With this in mind, cast your circle without fear. In fact, it can lead you from fear and that might be your only aim if you want!

You can create your protective sphere anywhere you like, even in the workplace. If you do this, you can focus on the circle using your intuition. You may not be in a position to use your tools, so, learn how to create using your mind. It may take time to learn how to do this, but you can do it.

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The Pagan Forum has many sub-forums and all cover the subject matter. In fact, you can talk about the Goddesses and Gods there too. I am a regular contribute to both the Pagan Blogs and the message boards. Writing a 200 word essay here on the blog is slightly difficult, but writing on the forums is as easy as pie. Come over and check up on it, you’ll be glad you did.

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