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Your Book of Shadows allows you to record various articles while on your Wicca journey. Indeed, you may use it to record your rituals or prayers to the Goddess and God. You can also use it to record your spells or any other inspiring things you find useful. Of course, the most famous Book of Shadows is that of Gerald Gardner who many refer to as the Father of Modern Wicca.

Book of Shadows - Gerald Gardner - Wicca and Witchcraft

Gerald Gardner’s Book of Shadows

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Wiccan Book of Shadows

Individual Books

Although not necessary, many solitary Wiccans or Witches keep a Book of Shadows for reference purposes. Indeed, you can record and continually update your spiritual journey as you go along your chosen path.

Say you have quite a few Wicca books in your possession, it can be a pain searching through them for what you need. So, by recording the information that inspires you most in your Book of Shadows, you now have a quick reference point for the most appropriate spells, recipes and rituals etc.

Obviously, you can record many other things which you discover. In other words, not everything in your Wicca journey comes from ‘other’ books. On the contrary, our personal accounts or grimoires may help others in the future!

Coven Books

Sometimes, individual covens may use one Book of Shadows which individual members can add to should they so wish. Therefore, the books or grimoires are dynamic which can change over time.

So we can see that while we are rediscovering a lost past, over time we will eventually get to where we need to be. This is why keeping a Book of Shadows can help the Wicca religions move forward.

What To Include In Your Book Of Shadows

Generally speaking, your personal Book of Shadows is for your eyes only. So, what you include should be relevant to you. Stay in control of all your actions throughout all your time on your chosen path. By doing this, your book will allow you to keep a record of the important information you need.


Whether your tradition comes from within the family or coven, you should record what is acceptable or not within the group. In other words, you could say, they are the rules. After all, working together as a group needs commitment and uniformity. This would possible be better at the front of the book together with the Wiccan Rede.

You could also include your initiation ceremony details here if you enter a coven. So, this keeps the laws of the coven or family group at hand should you need them.


You will obviously have your own Goddess, God or both. So depending on your Pantheon, your Deities may differ from others. Of course, you may have a combination of many to draw upon. Therefore, write down the main specifics here for your chosen Deity. But you may just use the Goddess or God as inspiration. You can also have some diagrams and images here too.


With eight holidays on the Wheel of the Year and 13 Esbats, keeping track of your rituals is recommended. For example, at Beltane you may write down all your rituals for this joyous time of year. In other words, keep track of what your rituals are on all the eight Sabbats.

It’s far better to have a quick look before the holiday periods begin. This way you can plan ahead and perhaps seek more energy for the occasion in advance.

You may also record how to cast a circle and what rites you invoke. Again, to help prompt you, use imagery etc. But always remember to update everything where you need to, this is very important.


Without doubt, you will need to keep notes on your magic (magick). This is because you can use so many combinations to cast spells. Remember that your spell work will be different in so many ways to that of others. Indeed, what works for them may not work for you. Magic and spells are personal to you and it may take years in some cases to perfect them. So, preserve all your spell work in your Book of Shadows.

Your recipes can also be part of your book. After all, Kitchen Witchcraft is becoming ever more popular. Kitchen Witchery is a natural tradition but lost in time. Therefore, if you are discovering Kitchen Witchcraft, Keep a record. Of course, with so many combinations, it’s all trial and error!

As a Witch, you will know that we all have different ways of living. Therefore, all our ways of doing things vary slightly. Creating your own form of magic is personal to you. So even if you were to share your spells with others, they may not get them to work. But recording them is important.


Your Book of Shadows can be traditional paper and ink but you can now use the modern technology such as computers. Since it is best to have a quick means of accessing the information, some thought should go in to the design. For example, separate spells and rituals into their separate components. Then, the best ones at the front and so on.

Some Wiccans prefer to keep numerous books, one for their personal journey and others for their deities, divinations or spells, for example.

For those who want to add protection to their book, write a spell at the beginning. This could be important should you live with others who you think may have access to it. Should anyone access your book, they will think twice about reading any further!

Obviously, you can buy ready made books that include various things already. However, that is their ideas and may not work for you. So in this situation you may find it slightly uncomfortable. The best thing is to make your own and decorate it with flowers and symbols etc. After all, most Wiccans have their own personal thoughts and you should not allow others to tell you what is right in your chosen path. Indeed, you know best at all times, remember that!

In Summary

Finally, your Book of Shadows is your own personal record and is one of the sacred tools. Therefore, consecrate it regularly to prevent negative energy creeping in. What you add to your records is your business in order to keep your right. There is no ‘correct’ method, it all comes down to what helps you. Having a digital Book of Shadows is better for some while pen and paper suits others.

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