Beltane is a magical time which usually occurs around the 1st of May** on the Wheel of the Year. This Sabbat allows for Wiccans to celebrate in many ways of course. Now that the Goddess has spent much energy nurturing the Earth she can relax a little. Also God is showing all the signs of his masculinity. Therefore, the Goddess and God can now get together as a couple and flirt a little.

Indeed, Beltane is a time for everyone to flirt. After all, the Goddess of Earth is allowing us to do this. So, go ahead and flirt with loved ones and nature alike.

** This is obviously for the northern hemisphere. So, for the southern hemisphere go forward 6 months.


Obviously, Beltane has brought with it warmth and light which allows life to flourish and mature. While we admire the results of the combined energies of the Goddess and God we feel a sense of wonder. But it gives us renewed hope for the future and plenty of assurance.

Now that the Goddess and God are dancing together, its a great time for Wiccans to do the same. We can now practice our old tradition of handfasting which allows us to make a commitment to others too. Of course, in our Wiccan ways, this does not have to be a marriage or similar, it could be a temporary arrangement.

Indeed, this is a sensual Sabbat which allows for a celebration of sexual maturity. So, remembering the Wiccan Rede – ‘If You Harm None, Do What You Will’, then go ahead and overindulge.

However, for those who wish to make a permanent commitment, go ahead and tie the knot. After all, Beltane is an ideal time to do this.

Beltane Fire

In short, Beltane fires are very special and part of the day should involve a fire of some sort. So douse all open fires and candles to send as much energy into the holy fire. The holy fires are also a tribute to God for the maturing heat and light coming our way.

Beltane fire - Pagan Club - May Day celebrations

If you have an altar, ensure you observe the power and magic of fire with plenty of altar candles. Also, use images of fire and scatter red petals on the fresh water in your goblet or cauldron. Of course, use flowers and new growth too as this will be in abundance now. But, don’t forget to share a meal with the Goddess and God for their wedding feast.

The night before you celebrate Beltane, check your Book of Shadows to see if there is anything that needs addressing. Obviously, clear your mind as the day will need much focus and concentration for what lies ahead.

Outdoor Relationship

Above all, on Beltane ensure you go outdoors to wrap yourself in nature. Rid yourself of negative energy and renew that relationship with nature once again. Take your lover deep into the countryside to enjoy the natural wonders and enjoy all of what nature offers us. Don’t just look at the natural wonders, go deep into the woods and explore.

Finally, Wiccans embrace the practices of many traditions, therefore use Beltane to celebrate May Day. Dancing around the masculine, erect Maypole is traditional and is a nice way to let your hair down. This is a celebration to the God because of the traditional fertility ritual. If you get the chance to socialise this way, do so.

Beltane - Maypole Dancing - Pagan Club

Dancing around the Maypole is an ideal way to chill out on the Beltane.

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