Being A Witch

Being a Witch is still difficult for some to accept or even comprehend. However, times are changing and learning to become a witch is becoming more acceptable. Once you open your eyes, you can see things a little clearer. You can then decide if you want to become a witch.

Being A Witch - Witchcraft or the Craft is not evil - Wicca Religion

Many people discover Wicca and the Wiccan religion first, then decide to become a Witch.  Being earth-based religions, both recognise the Wheel of the Year and both work closely with nature. You can be a Witch and a Wiccan, but not all Wiccans are Witches. Wicca is the religion while Witchcraft, or simply the Craft, is the practical side of things. In other words, you practice Witchcraft.

Be that as it may, both Wicca and Witchcraft are Pagan by source. That is to say, pre-Christian. As such, it is the purest religion because it is not subject to bastardisation in any way. Therefore recreating early unadulterated Witchcraft is an exciting thing for many Wiccans.


Many people grow up believing that Witches are evil, but nothing could be further from the truth. As European people began to convert from Paganism to Christianity many traditions became lost in time. This was largely because there were very few means of keeping records. However, word of mouth through the generations continued and so we still have access to a lot of information.

So, together with the word of mouth, your own imaginations and common sense, you can glimpse into the past. From this, you can look back at your roots and work out what your ancestors practised. Then you can decide if their ways are best and what path you should walk on.

Wicca is a Pagan religion while Witchcraft is a practice or Tradition. Many people who discover their ancestors’ roots can then become a Wiccan. You too may discover Witchcraft and become a Witch. So, it’s all about opening your eyes and choosing a spiritual path to suit your individual life. Indeed, there is no hard and fast rule and never can be.

Being a Witch - full moon rituals witchcraft

Being A Witch

Witchcraft is a very powerful so use it wisely, if you use it at all. You will largely remain solitary in your thoughts but you will be able to easily connect with other like-minded people. This is because we all have plenty in common. For instance, we all acknowledge the Goddess and God or at least some Deity.

We also acknowledge that we are one of the nature based religions. That is to say we are all part of the greater Universe. Then there is the Wheel of the Year which gives us the Sabbats – our religious festivals.

Anyone can be a Witch, both man or women. However, through films and books there is a stereotypical woman approach. It is certainly NOT a feminist movement, so those who come to Witchcraft for that reason, forget it. All Wiccans and Witches believe in equality and the balance in the Universe. Within Wicca there are equal forces between the masculine and feminine. Feminism, like other isms can be destructive and cancel out the balance of nature. When this happens, nature will bite back!

Of course, you may remain a solitary Witch or you may join a coven. Some covens are all female, some are all male and there are some mixed-sex covens. The beauty of Wicca and the Craft is that you can do whatever you like as long as you harm nobody. In fact, there is the Law of Three. This says that whatever you do negatively to others it will come back three times. So, think karma. But by doing good, this goodness will come back three times too.


Our rituals are also an individual thing personal to ourselves. But, we may have large ceremonies or practice meditation alone. There is no dress code, but many prefer black as black holds all the colours. Indeed, black can absorb energy far better. However, rituals can involve no clothes, again this is personal choice.

Since our rituals or rites can vary, the purposes and aims do to. Some focus on worshipping the Deity of course. However, some can be for protection, healing, cleansing, divination or consecration etc. But whatever we do, it will usually be beside our altars or within a circle we cast.

Small altars and circles are best for solitary Witches and family, while casting a large circle is the usual thing for a coven. The main thing is to clear out the negative energy from the circle and keep it clean while performing the ritual.

Persecution of Witches

Being a Witch in the modern world is certainly getting easier. However, there are still the remains of past prejudices. Those mainly come from the ‘newer’ religions. Anyone who reads my articles on Wicca will know that sometimes I refer to the pre-Christian era. This is because, the Wiccan religion changed over time. In fact, Christians absorbed Paganism into their belief system to make it more acceptable. Christianity then became the dominant religion over time.

However, that absorption was not straightforward. Indeed there was the persecution of Witches and this practice continued for centuries. Although Christians refuse to accept this, it is a fact. We have documentation to prove there was persecution, including Witch hunts.

Those in the past accused of being a Witch, whether they were or not, basically received a death sentence in a kangaroo court. Looking back, this type of murderous act was barbaric, but it shows their determination to wipe out Paganism.

Of course, this can’t happen now but the prejudices still continue. The truth hurts, but some people still quote passages from the Bible. Their aim is to cast shame on Wicca and Witches in particular. Those that insist in persecution of a particular religion should really shake themselves up. All people have the right to their own personal religion without fear or favour!


Not wishing to upset others but today we should not allow persecution to take place. Indeed there are laws to stop this barbaric practice. While Paganism is a tolerant religion, others are not. Therefore, Paganism is lawful while others are not. This is very clear of course. But it still doesn’t stop their small-minded behaviour.

In the Old Testament, Chapter 20, verse 27 in the book of Leviticus, it states, “A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.”

Now then, I rest my case. But there are many other instances too sick to reprint here. So, its time for those with prejudices to lay down their arms. Paganism is tolerant and peaceful without such scriptures. Witchcraft in NOT evil as these people would make you believe. So, go ahead and discover Witchcraft. It might surprise you that being a Witch is good while things you accepted in the past is actually evil!

Being a Witch - Many Witches in a coven

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